Politicians For The War (Entry 4)

Through the years, there have been politicians who support war so adamantly that they have hidden the truth from the public. Congress might not even know the honest status of the war or the strategies the President would use. In this article, the attack on Al Queda supposedly was planned long before 9/11 had occurred. 9/11 was simply used as justification to start war in Afghanistan. … Continue reading Politicians For The War (Entry 4)

Chemical Warfare (Entry #3)

Entering new terrain, the U.S. had some difficulty fighting the war. The forest skirmishes were already challenging with Viet Cong’s sneaky tactics of camouflage and underground tunnels. Because they were Southern Vietnamese who supported the communist North, the Viet Cong members were also hidden among innocent civilians. AK-47s provided by the Soviet Union were on par with the M-16s the U.S. used. As a result, the U.S. wanted to … Continue reading Chemical Warfare (Entry #3)

Trouble Within The South(Entry 2)

Having at least Ho Chi Minh to guide them, the Communists weren’t as unlucky as the Southern Vietnamese to have a tortuous one named Ngo Dien Diem who deceived supporters of democracy. At first, Ngo Dien Diem seemed like a worthy democratic symbol of the U.S. assisting the Southern Vietnamese. The U.S. thus approved him overthrowing Emperor Bao Dai. However, Ngo Dien Diem’s hidden dictatorship was revealed when he … Continue reading Trouble Within The South(Entry 2)

The Start of the Vietnam War (Entry 1)

Although the French controlled a large area of Asia known as Indochina (consisting of modern nations of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos), they retreated as Japanese took over Vietnam during World War II. The Japanese eventually were forced to leave September 2, 1945, surrendering to the Allies. Ho Chi Minh was thrilled, stating the independent Democratic Republic of Vietnam with his Communist party Viet Minh. However, the French reclaimed the … Continue reading The Start of the Vietnam War (Entry 1)

African Americans Aren’t Alone (Entry 3)

KONICHIWA! That’s hello in Japanese :D. I think… With iconic figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, the Civil Rights Movement for equality of African Americans stood out the most. However, other minorities too had wanted to fight for fair treatment of their own race, especially the Asian Americans after World War 2. Because their homeland attacked Pearl Harbor (American territory) in … Continue reading African Americans Aren’t Alone (Entry 3)

A Change In Plans (Entry#2)

Martin Luther King Jr.’s peaceful strategies during the Civil Rights Movement were definitely inspiring for they displayed innocent determination to change the terrible conditions of African Americans. Despite followers getting beaten up, they stood their ground against white racists, giving America a bad reputation. Protesters were able to receive global support.However, only voting and segregation changed. Economic problems still remained. Instead of assimilation, the new … Continue reading A Change In Plans (Entry#2)

Freedom Riders By Steve

IT’S BEEN AWHILE! 😀 In the previous post, we talked about specific types of modern slavery. However, what happens when African Americans finally are released from confinement? In December 1960, Supreme Court banned bus segregation, but CORE(Congress of Racial Equality) had suspicions of the South’s response to this.On May 14, 1961 both black and white volunteers of CORE took a bus trip from Washington D.C. … Continue reading Freedom Riders By Steve

A Terrible Evolution (Entry 4)

Usually when slavery comes to mind, African Americans are instantly associated to this topic. Especially  with the recent Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, I would like to say there has been a start to ending slavery, but I wouldn’t even consider today’s society on the global scale a mere step. Dancing Boy of Afghanistan African American children often were born into slavery, working laboriously beside their parents.As … Continue reading A Terrible Evolution (Entry 4)

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Categorizing is human nature.In some ways, I would say practically everyone has a bit of an obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD), grouping things together for an easier way to view the entire canvas. We do with animal species, movies, and so on forth. However, not all people can see the subsets within a group. This can be dangerous, especially with ethnicity or race. This week’s corresponding songs: … Continue reading Half-Truths