A Foreign Universe

Welcome to my first blog! As my debut into this new world, I would like to get to know each other. I’ll share some of my interests, and feel free to share some of yours.

My tastes in music expands to practically every genre. These interests even include foreign songs such as Korean pop music and Japanese pop music.Metal is a bit of an exception, but there are a few hardcore melodies that do manage to intrigue me. This love started ever since I joined my school choir in 4th grade and continuously evolved as I attempted every opportunity to participate in a vocal team. Ironically however, I still am pretty average with that amount of experience. Singing is just so exciting for me,even in the shower. Dancing is also amusing watch. People such as Quest Crew create a wonderful team that share their passion for dance together, doing crazy flips and spins in synchronization. Speaking of dancing and singing, Bigbang,Korean pop band, is my favorite group because of its stunning choreography and vocal range.Although the band is Korean, its music is westernized which make the songs more unique than other K-pop groups.Bigbang consists of T.O.P., Taeyang,Daesung,Seungri,and G-dragon. TO.P. and Daesung are the silly ones of the group as Taeyang and G-dragon are more serious.Seungri,my favorite member,is the maknae(youngest) and thus is often teased by the other members.I am also fans of EXO and Super Junior.

As for entertainment, I spend my free time watching anime, Japanese cartoons.If you guys have not figured out yet, my interests vary.Similarly,I have quite a few diverse types of animes I’m watching currently.My main animes,for example, are “Noragami” and “Haikyuu!”. Noragami is anime about a god reaching to be famous while Haikyuu! is an anime about a short volleyball player trying out for the big leagues.

I’m actually semi-new to each of these topics.I know very few bands I can go in depth to and have only watched short anime series.Please give me suggestions for any of these as I am excited to learn more about my loves.If you aren’t into these subjects,feel free to share your other interests down in the comments.Thanks for visiting my blog!

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